Weekend Book

A child’s imagination fascinates me. I see a brick as a brick, a child sees it as a bridge, a tower for Spider-Man to climb or even an island. It’s truly amazing. 

I decided to start a weekend book, to entertain my son while I was cooking tea. As most children do, when we are busy they want our attention😂. So we now decorate two pages a night at the kitchen table, so he has my attention and I can keep an eye on tea. 

I bought a scrap book from Wilko £5 a pack of glue glitters £2.50 and lots of stickers from Home Bargains at 75p a pack. 

Now every night he helps me make tea, then we decorate the pages and stick pictures from anything we have done at the weekend, (or in the week if it’s out of our normal day to day routine). He loves it, as soon as I get him from school he’s asking to decorate his weekend book. 

He’s even started making stories up using pens and stickers. As a result I’ll be buying a new one just for stories. 

Below on the left page is a story of a ginger bread man and a monster. The right page is about a beautiful unicorn, and a bad bird who steals the unicorns diamond ring 😍.

I’ve recorded his storytelling, so when I have time I will print them out and stick it in the book. 

I use free prints an app that lets you order up to 45 prints a month for free (you pay postage) I’ve just ordered my first lot, so when they arrive I’ll post a review 😘. 


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