Just me and my box

It’s Saturday and it’s raining!! 😔

We’re both full of colds, it’s raining and freezing outside, so what are we going to do for the day?! I asked him if he wanted a Lego day or a DVD day, he wasn’t in to any of them ideas.

Then I remembered I have a huge box, that needs binning, so why not turn it in to somethings before hand? 

The possibilities are endless from a boat to a playhouse, we decided a basic boat would be best.

Captains chair and wheel 😂

A friendly octopus 🤘🏻

A mermaid/man tail, kids can stand in side the box and pretend to be a mermaid/man.

You don’t have to be an artist to do this, as you can see from my drawings I’m not 😂. But he loved it, his imagination is going wild and he’s learning so many skills.

What do you do with your children when it’s raining outside? I would love to hear from anyone who reads this. Thanks 😘

Update: we have now lifted the inside flaps of the box up, and drawn a kitchen and sleeping area and a captains room 😂. 


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