How I organise my sons school uniform 

I buy 5x school pants 5x school polo tops and 5x school jumpers, so my son had a change of clean clothes every day. Also saves me ironing every other day.

I bought a Wilko 3 in 1 over the door hanger x2 £3.00 each, and a pack of 6 skirt hangers with rubber tipped clasps £3.00. 

I hang his trousers on one over the door hanger, using the skirt hangers, so his pants don’t get folds at the knees. 

And his polo tops and jumpers on the other hanger. This way there’s is more space between his clothes, (then what would be in his wardrobe) which stops the chances of creasing. 

I also fill a underpants bag 

With 5x socks and underpants, layering them pants socks pants socks and so on. So in the morning I just grab the top pair of socks and undies. First I fold the crotch of the pants up. 

Then I fold the sides in

For the socks I lay them on top of each other 

And fold them in half

I always here people saying how expensive school uniform is, and yes it can be if you buy logo items, or have older children who need Blazers. But how much time does your child spend at school wearing that uniform? How much would you spend on day to day clothes if they didn’t have a school uniform, is there really that much of a difference? 

Quick tip for parents, who’s children haven’t started school yet. The year before  my son started reception, I worked out how much his clothes and shoes would cost for the year, split that by 52 weeks, and put that much to one side. So when he started reception I had the money ready, to buy his uniform. 

If you have older children you could add this to their chore list😂. It’s a good routine for them to get in to. When I think of all the time I’ve wasted, picking an outfit and ironing, when I could have been sleeping 😂.I should have done this years ago with my own clothes.  


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