Saving money on shampoo and conditioner 

When I worked as hairdresser, I used Matrix Biolage products all the time, I remember them being quite expensive 8years ago. (😭 why did I work that out 😂) 

Since being a student/on benefits/single parent  I couldn’t afford products like this, or so I thought. I bought these two from Amazon for £19.98. I’ve just looked and they have gone back up to £40.00 😭.

These products are very concentrated, so last a lot longer then supermarket ones. I wash my hair everyday and it’s quite long, yet I’ve barely made a dint in these.

When I was buying shampoo and conditioner from a supermarket, I would go through a bottle of each a week whether  I paid £1 a bottle or 4.99.

(£2 X 52 weeks = £104 a year on shampoo and conditioner 😱) 

I’ve had these bottles since 4th January 2017, and judging by the amount used I won’t need to buy more till September maybe even 2018. (It would have cost me £10 up to now with cheap supermarket brands) So even if I paid £40 for them both I’ve still made a saving.


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