Cheap way to brighten up a kitchen 

A few months ago I bought a bamboo blind from Argos reduced to £3.00. 

The house I’m renting had a few blinds already up when I moved in, but they were bent and dirty, beyond cleaning. 

My kitchen has a window, patio doors and a back door, so you would think it would be quite bright. It’s not mainly because of the minging blind that didn’t work.
I nipped in to Asda and bought some herb plants in pots (0.75p each), for the window ledge. And Put the bamboo blind up. From the outside you can’t see in, but from inside you can see straight out in to the garden, and there’s plenty of light. Perfect if I don’t open the blinds. This was cheap and quick to do, perfect for any home decor.

Think I’ll buy some cream/white tin pail’s and plant some herb seeds. To fill up the window ledge a bit more, and the smell will be amazing. 


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