Cheap and quick way to cover ugly tiles.

Hi everyone, anyone who reads my blog will know I recently got told my landlord was selling the house I’m renting 😭😡. I’ve found a new rental, so I’m trying to blog about all the decor changes I’ve made in my current house before I move.

The house I’m renting has bright orange tiles 😱 not my taste at all.

I covered them using Wilko’s D-C Fix Original Self-Adhesive Film Marmi Grey 346-0306. Starting at £4 for 2m x45cm. This type of film can be ordered from Amazon. 

It’s so quick and easy to use, and the backing has guide line which really help cutting it to size before sticking it on to the tiles. I was going to cover the cabinets in a cream film, but now I’m moving obviously I won’t be. I’ve just pealed the film off in one piece no sticky residue left on the tiles which it great. And when it was up it was so easy to clean.

Anyone else used film to cover tiles?


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