Cute small boys room

Hey everyone!

I’m moving soon, so I won’t have chance to finish my sons box bedroom.😩 But I still wanted to share what I’ve done, and what else I was going to do. As an idea for anyone trying to decide how to decorate a small room. 

The house I’m renting has two double rooms and one box room. I liked the idea of having my sons bed in a separate room from his toys. So I decided to use the box room as his bedroom, with just his bed, books and his pet fish. 😂Then I used the smaller double bedroom as a playroom.

To create this room I used Wilko pearl grey paint £12.00 on the two longest walls, and around the inside of the window. I had just enough to cover the two walls in two coats of paint. I’ve use so many different makes of paint, but Wilko is defiantly my fave. 

Then I covered the smallest walls in dinosaur wallpaper. I originally ordered it from Wilko for £10.00, but unfortunately they had non in stock, but I did managed to find it on amazon for £11.00 a roll.

I ordered a white thermal blackout blind from Argos, with a child safe winder. This blind really keeps the light out, great for summer nights.

I also ordered red curtains and lamp shade from Argos before I moved in to this house. Although I like the red curtains and light shade, I think I would have prefere a deep blue. What do you think? 

This wallpaper would also look amazing with a deep blue or red wall paint.

I had some old floating shelves I bought from B&M last year 2 for £5. (they still stock them) I planned to paint white clouds on one grey wall and cover the shelves in silver self adhesive film from Wilko. And place each shelf under a cloud.

On the opersite wall I had planned to paint dinosaur feet in a darker shade of grey. (Wilko Storm)

This book shelf is from Argos, it’s extra deep and I’m sure it was around £20.00. I buy most of my sons books from The Works, they always have an amazing stock in their 10 for £10 deal.

This foldable laundry basket from IKEA under £2, is perfect for storing all my sons teddys.

My son loves this room, hope you do too. 😘


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