Reward chart area

Hi everyone, how are you all?

Just thought I would quickly share our reward area, before I pack it up.

At my sons school, they have a star of the day system. My son really works hard to be good so he can get a medal, so I decided to use a similar system at home. 

I pinched a few pictures from Google, to illustrate the tasks my son needs to carry out everyday. Each task he does, he gets a star. 

At the end of the day, if he’s got all his stars, he gets a treat or toy. I buy cheap ones from £1 shop, usually something we can do together. 

If he gets all his stars all week then he gets a medal. When he has 4 medals, he gets to pick a trip out. I give him a few options depending on my bank balance 😂 and what events are on.

Because my Uni timetable is always different, I didn’t  want to put times on his chart. Sometimes we need to leave the house by 7.30 others not till 8.40.

So in the morning I’ll say ok at 7am you need to have your tablets or at 8am you need to get dressed ect. He gets so happy when he tells me it’s a certain time, and gets it right.

Hope you like it 😘


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