Hi everyone I just got back from Norway, it was amazing. If you haven’t been yet, definitely go and tick it off your bucket list. 

I went to visit family, and had an amazing time. Waking up to this view was priceless.

Norway is expensive, but luckily for me I stayed at my brothers house. If your going to go on a budget definitely book a place with cooking facilities. 

We spent most of the day walking along the beach, collecting shells and stones, to craft with. Kept my 4 year old entertained and cost nothing. 

Norway isn’t a place I would have thought about visiting but I’m so glad I did! 

Beach at Vikhammer, Trondheim, Norway. 

We flew with SAS, the staff were really friendly, and gave my son a free pack of magic stickers and a soft toy to play with.

I can’t wait to go back, waking up this morning, looking out the window at terrace houses and cars was so depressing 😢. Anyone else been to Norway? What was your favourite part of your holiday? 


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